Kelly Brother, Illustration

What you have before you is a compilation of various images created over many years for numerous clients — illustrations from “soup to nuts”: medical, advertising, logos, editorial, technical, and other illustration works. I’ve also included a “sketches” section so you can see some of the humble beginnings of my work — just for the fun of it.

This site is kind of a “greatest hits” although it’s hard to think of a technical illustration of a pump or a bicycle fork as a greatest hit. You may have art-directed one of the included samples. If so, thanks for the business! If not, I hope we can work together some time and maybe your project will be included in my next multi-year compilation.

Costs are estimated up front in an easy-to-read/comprehensible format and are very reasonable. I’m fast, genial, eager to serve, thrifty, courteous...wait a minute: okay, I’m some of that — I hope! And, I’m pretty good at staying within my estimated cost/time range.

One of my skills is to “emulate” other stylistic approaches; anyone who has been in this business long enough has had to develop this skill. I love to meet new people and show my portfolio (gets me out of the house!) so I’ll be glad to make an appointment and come visit you. If you have any questions about my work including “how did you...” or “what’s that image about...”, feel free to call or write.

I approach my work every day with one idea in mind: how can I help others with the gifts I’ve been given. I hope I can provide the solution you desire for your next illustration need.

Kelly Brother

Memphis, Tennessee


© Kelly Brother, Illustration

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